Scott Solkofske

Scott was first introduced to rainwater collection systems when his family moved out to the Texas hill country in 2007.  The home they purchased had an old and antiquated system that was challenged by large heritage trees, extreme elevations, and pipes held together with duct tape and tinfoil!  The family immediately noticed all of the benefits from using rainwater compared to well water or municipal water: soft skin and hair, cleaner laundry and appliances, happy plants, and a happy septic system.  However, the system required constant work and Scott kept telling himself “this system can be better.”  Scott was dealing with several issues: clogged gutters and downspouts, smelly/dirty water, and overflow problems.  He knew there had to be a way to collect more water, cleaner water, with less work.  The tools and knowledge that he has gained from making improvements to his system over the years has helped him develop new technology that he uses on his current catchment designs and builds today.  His family used to laugh at him when he would run around in the rain trying to perfect his system to collect the most water possible. Fortunately these days are now over, and his systems are right as rain! 

With a strong background in healthcare and information technology, Scott saw a need for rainwater systems to collect only clean water yet keep maintenance at a minimum. He has developed new technology in the rainwater collection industry and offers features/options that improve water quality and minimize system maintenance. It’s these features that allow his clients to achieve their water conservation goals by collecting clean rainwater with ease.   His turn-key systems deal with rainwater, irrigation, stormwater run-off, and fire protection water tanks. With a great eye for detail, Scott focuses on quality rather than quantity and believes in providing personalized customer service to each and every project.

In his downtime, Scott enjoys playing his saxophone around Austin, working on old cars, and spending time with his wife and their five dogs and dog cat.

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Micah Sandhu
Relationship: ClientProject Date: Aug 2019

After looking into other rainwater collection companies in the area, we chose Scott for his knowledge and honesty. While the rainwater catchment system was being constructed, Scott was on site every d...Read More

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