Rainwater collection is the process of collecting rainfall from a roof or structure to then store, filter, and re-use. This process involves capturing the water through a system of gutters and pipes which is then stored in a large cistern or storage tank. Once collected, the water is purified through a series of filters and ultra violet light to supply any place that needs water, such as a house, garden, irrigation system, or pool. 

Rainwater collection can be used for a variety of purposes such as landscaping/irrigation, in home use, wildlife and livestock watering, fire protection, storm water management. 

Benefits of Rainwater Collection:

  • Reduces demand on municipal water and groundwater supply
  • Mitigates flood damage and erosion from heavy rain events
  • Pure and chemical free
  • Off grid lifestyle - NO WATER BILLS!
  • Easy on appliances – dishwashers, washing machines, septic systems
  • Promotes healthy skin and hair
  • Healing and medicinal properties
  • Brightens fabrics, cleaner dishware
  • Improves plant growth – prevents nutrient lockout